Q) When should I book?

A) It depends on the time of year, I typically am booking about one to two months ahead but sometimes I can work people in sooner.  For newborns, I need to know several months before your due date.

Q) What’s your style?

A) Almost anything dealing with people but I especially love kids and how natural they are in front of the camera.  I like bright, vibrant pictures with the occasional black and white.  

Q) Where will you travel?

A) Anywhere you ask me to. I am located in Georgetown, KY and will travel anywhere within 30 miles from home without charging extra but due to rising gas prices I do ask for compensation for travel outside of Georgetown/Lexington. If you are located outside of this area and would like me to travel to your location, please contact me for a travel quote.

Q) Where will we shoot?

A) That’s completely up to you, I often suggest parks or bodies of water as long as it has plenty of shade and away from direct sunlight but really anywhere that helps to express your personality. If you’re still stumped, I’d be happy to offer suggestions.

Q) How should I prepare for a shoot?

A) If we're referring to a child, please schedule shortly after a nap and meal, this will ensure that they are relaxed and refreshed.
I have no problems with wardrobe changes, with children, you can change their outfits as many times as the child will allow.  I have found that most children don't tolerate more than two or three outfits

Also here is a great article on what to wear:


Q) How long until I get my pictures

A) Typically around a month

Q) How come you take hundreds of pictures but I only get 20?

A) I will pick the best images from each session.  A lot of them are similar or might not be the best picture.  I promise, I don't leave good pictured unedited.  

Q) What equipment do you use?

A) My primary camera is a Canon 6D full frame camera, with several Canon lens.  I also use an Alien Bee studio light with a 7ft octagon softbox.


Q) When is the best time to photograph newborns

A) Newborn sessions are best photographed within the first 10 days if possible.  If you have spoke with me before the baby gets here to tentatively scheduled your session, then please email me, call me or text me once your baby arrives so we can setup my next available appointment 

Q) How long will the shoot last?

A) I typically allow 3-4 hours to give the baby plenty of breaks for eating and to get in a deeper sleep.

Q) Where do you typically photograph newborns?

A)At my studio in downtown Georgetown

Q) How should I prepare for the session?

A) I ask if possible, the baby is bathed in the hour before I get there, because bath's will relax the new baby and usually make them sleepy.  I also ask only immediate family (parents and siblings of newborn) are the only one present during the session as to not cause a distraction to me or disrupt sleep of the baby

Q) What props do I need?

A) You don't need anything, I will provide blankets, hats, bows and wraps.  If there is anything special you want to use, please feel free to bring it.